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Photography by Garry Cook

I am an award-winning film director and screenwriter based in Liverpool. I have an extensive background in music video, with dozens of credits in this medium over the last seven years. My work has screened on MTV, Scuzz, Channel4 and ITV. Working in music video has provided me with the pleasure of directing Johnny Vegas and Craig Parkinson on separate projects.


As a film director I have created numerous short films, shooting as far afield as New York and Los Angeles. My work has been screened across the world, with highlights including my short The Killer, The Conman and the Coward winning ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Scene’, and the fantasy short Ragdoll reaching the final for ‘Best Director’. The short animation Nothing New was selected for a BFI showcase in 2019 as well as being screened at Cardiff Animation Festival 2020.


In 2015 I helmed a zero budget feature film called The Blackout as a community-driven project in Preston, Lancashire. In the space of twelve months I organised fifty cast and crew into six teams to produce a chapter of a multi-narrative drama each. These were then weaved together into The Blackout and screened to 700 people at the Preston Guild Hall.


Having worked across a variety of formats and genres, my primary focus lies within character-led stories. Drawn to the strange and impossible; themes of magic, absurdism and mental health are often present in my work. I have a fervent belief in collaboration, encouraging and supporting all members of a production to perform to their best, allowing for the most powerful story to emerge.

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