Sly Antics - Sunday Fear
Music Video
Stillia - Let Me In
Music Video
A Rag-doll Story
Short Film


David O'Dowda - The Trouble
Music Video
Preston Jiu Jitsu Club
Branded Content
Greetings from Brooklyn
Short Film
G.O.S.N - Outside the Wheel
Music Video
G.O.S.N -                            
"Outside the Wheel"
Sly Antics - Motion
Music Video

Film director and screenwriter from the rain-soaked Northwest of England.


Recent collaborations include working with Craig Parkinson (Line of Duty, Control ) for Sly Antics' Sunday Fear music video.


Ongoing  promo video work with the Wasp Video and Looom teams, focusing on direction, production and cinematography.



Filmmaking is my way of exploring the world from the perspective of people who don't feel like they belong in it.

This often takes the form of science fiction or dark surreal pieces, but always with a focus on that sense of not feeling connected to your surroundings.

I always enjoy discussing ideas and stories with other creative people so feel free to get in touch!



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